Planning the Ultimate DC Wedding

Planning the Ultimate DC Wedding

26th Aug 2015

Planning a wedding in the Washington D.C. or Virginia area instantly sets the stage for a luxurious and beautiful wedding.

Your guests are sure to be impressed with the lavish venues, incredible floral arrangements, fantastic catering and more as this area has some of the best in the business to offer.

If you are planning your wedding in this region of the country, here is everything you need to know to put together your perfect day.



When it comes to planning your big day, one of the biggest elements is selecting the perfect venue.

You want a spot that will create the ideal setting and mood you are looking for, so the venue is essential to completing your wedding day. 

If you haven't decided on a spot, consider some of these fantastic different locations in the Washington D.C. area.

The Hay-Adams

One of the premier wedding venues in the Washington D.C. area, The Hay-Adams provides guests with everything they need to host their dream ceremony and reception for up to 350 guests.

With five different locations on site to host your wedding, the possibilities are endless for what you can create on your special day.

If scenic views are what you are after, the Top of the Hay is the only setting for your wedding. With french doors and large windows wrapping around the room, the panoramic views created in this space are breathtaking and certain to be unforgettable.

If traditional is what you are after, the classic Hay-Adams Room is one of D.C.'s premier wedding venues as the traditional feel with beautiful wooden walls and features like two fireplaces help to create a special setting.

Address: 800 16th St. NW Washington, DC 20006

Contact Phone: 202-638-2716

Omni Shoreham Hotel

For classic and traditional wedding venues that are sure to impress, the Omni Shoreham Hotel provides users with five different spots to host their wedding and reception for a ranging number of guest accommodations.

For outdoor spots, you can't go wrong with our one of a kind gazebo which overlooks Rock Creek Park.

If you are more inclined to the indoor setting, we have four outstanding ballroom options for you to choose from, ideal for any elegant and stylish wedding.

From the Blue Room which can host up to 350 people and has hosted the likes of Aretha Franklin, Tony Bennett, and Bob Hope, to the Art Deco styled Empire Ballroom that resides near the gazebo and holds up to 200, you can't go wrong with the outstanding features at the Omni Shoreham Hotel.

Address: 2500 Calvert St. NW Washington, DC 20008

Contact Phone: 202-234-0700

The Ritz-Carlton

One of the most famous names in hotels, the Ritz-Carlton, Washington D.C. is the only setting for the wedding party looking for high-end luxury and elegance.

Featuring the largest ballroom setting in the Washington D.C. area, the Ritz-Carlton Ballroom can accommodate an incredible 840 guest beneath its 14.5 feet high ceilings. With high-class chandeliers and luxury marble floors, this is the ideal setting for anyone looking for elegance and style.

If you are in need of a smaller setting, any one of the Plaza Ballrooms are ideal for accommodating each one of your guests in a comfortable manner.

Address: 1150 22nd St. NW Washington, 20037

Contact Phone: 1-202-835-0500



No wedding is complete without the perfect floral arrangement, so picking out the best florist possible for you is key to setting the ideal mood for your big day.

For the wedding in the Washington D.C. area, there are a wide range of high-end florists to choose from that can help create the perfect centerpieces, bouquets, and much more to complete the theme on your wedding day.

Da Vinci's Florist

With years of experience, Davinci Florist is one of the premier vendors in the D.C. area for creating whatever you need. With a rich history in working with a wide variety of differently set weddings, you can be sure Davinci can create the perfect mood and setting for your special occasion.

Address: 2756 Garfield Ave. Silver Springs, Maryland 20910

Contact Phone: 301-588-8900

Ultra Violet Flowers

When you are after the florist that can handle everything for your big day in D.C., look no further than Ultra Violet Flowers.

From bouquets, centerpieces, corsages, boutonnieres and more, Ultra Violet Flowers can handle it all with their years of experience in the area.

With a wide array of bright colors, unique blooms and more, you are sure to get some of the most eye-catching arrangements you will ever find at any wedding.

Address: 1218 31st St. NW Washington, DC 20007

Contact Phone: 202-333-3002

The Enchanted Florist

For the bride looking for a unique touch to really show off her personality, you can't go wrong with floral arrangements from the Enchanted Florist.

For every wedding flower on your list, look no further than this vendor as they help compliment and create any venue and setting for your big day with some of the most exciting and different arrangements available today.

Address: 139 E. Fairfax St. Alexandria, Virginia 22314

Contact Phone: 703-836-7777



From the smallest, most intimate wedding to the largest gathering imaginable, feeding your crowd is one of the most important parts of putting your wedding together.

For the wedding in the D.C or Virginia area, there are several outstanding options for high quality catering your guests are sure to enjoy.

Eat & Smile Catering

An entirely locally sourced caterer out of Washington D.C., Eat & Smile has been providing world-class catering for any wedding they take on.

If you are a local to D.C. and care passionately about the local economy, Eat & Smile is the only caterer for you as all of their vegetables, meat, fruit, dairy, and bread are sourced from farmers from no farther than 150 miles from the city.

With an environmentally-friendly initiative as well, it seems as though this company is hitting every aspect of catering on all cylinders.

Address: 2212 Rhode Island Ave. NE Washington, DC 20018

Contact Phone: 202-733-3106

Main Event Caterers

When booking a caterer in the D.C. area that is just as passionate as you are about making your special day perfect, Main Event Catering is the only way to go.

For the bride and groom looking for a caterer with plenty of versatility, there is no better option that Main Event Catering. With a wide selection of different options for your food, you can't go wrong with this outstanding company.

Whether you have a small group of a couple dozen or a wedding of 500, Main Event can handle it all with a dedicated team that is focused on all the details of putting your day together just how you envisioned it.

Address: 3870 S. Four Mile Run Dr. Arlington, Virginia 22206

Contact Phone: 703-820-2054

Well Dunn Catering

For customized and top of the line catering for your wedding in Washington D.C., look no further than Well Dunn Catering.

With over 30 years of high-quality work in D.C., Well Dunn has everything you need to put your own personal style on your wedding whatever it may be.

Whether you have a small gathering of friends and family or a large group, Well Dunn has all the enthusiasm and attention to detail you need to help make your special day as perfect as it can be.

Address: 510 11th St. SE Washington, DC 20003

Contact Phone: 202-543-7878


Dress Shops

For the bride, possibly no element is quite as important than the wedding dress. While you will only wear it once, it is something you will cherish forever and will be enshrined in all of your photos for years to come.

Finding the perfect dress can be a difficult task, but for the bride in the Washington D.C. area, there are several outstanding shops to check out to find the dress of your dreams.

New Couture

Do you have a dream dress in mind, but don't think you can afford to go for the custom route? At New Couture, you can create the dress of your dreams from scratch at an affordable price so you can be sure this gown is exactly what you imagined.

With a highly skilled tailor like Alvin Thompson at New Couture, they can work with you through the entire process of getting the perfect dress for your special day.

Address: 4651 Massachusetts Ave. NW Washington, DC 20016

Contact Phone: 202-237-1126

Hitched Salon

For the D.C. bride looking for a custom-tailored and personal dress experience from start to finish, there is no better place to go than Hitched Salon.

At Hitched, they work with you as the bride one on one through each step of either designing or simply finding the dress of your dreams so you can be sure you get exactly what you want on your big day.

Address: 1523 Wisconsin Ave. NW Washington, DC 20007

Contact Info: 202-333-6162

Lovely Bride

For the bride looking for a wide range of dress styles to choose from, there is no better shop to go through than Lovely Bride.

With stores located all around the country, brides in the Washington D.C. area can set up an appointment to pick out the dress of their dreams from a wide array of different designers.

From modern design to a more classical look, you will find whatever you are looking for with this outstanding vendor.

Address: 1632 Wisconsin Ave. NW Washington, DC 20007

Contact Phone: 202-735-0674