Top 5 Bridal Shower Games

Top 5 Bridal Shower Games

2nd Apr 2015

#1: Honeymoon Bag Memory Game

In this article by Kim Stoegbauer for she gives us several very fun options for bridal shower games, but our favorite is the “what’s in the bag memory game”. The idea is that you buy a cute bag that is then gifted to the bride and fill it with fun things to take on her honeymoon, like sunglasses, a magazine, some sunblock, silly lingerie, whatever you like. Then you have the contestants look at the bag and study it for a few minutes. At this point, you take the bag away and give everyone a card to write down all the items they remember being in the bag. The person who has the most correct items wins. It is lots of fun and you end up with a great gift for the bride. See the details on this and other games by  reading the full article here.

#2: Lingerie Guessing Game

While giving lingerie to brides is a time honored tradition, the game explained in this article posted on, puts a new spin on the game. This game requires a bit of preplanning though and it’s bound to produce lots of fun and laughter at your shower. Have all of the guests bring either panties or some other piece of lingerie to the party. The suggestion is that you buy something to remind the bride of some fun event or occasion. Then the bride has to guess who brought which item. There’s bound to be lots of laughter during this game. Get all the great details by  reading the full article here.

#3: Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

A fun game that gets everyone involved is given in this article posted on You break your group up into teams and give them each some rolls of toilet paper and paper clips and/or tape to create their own wedding dress and veil. It’s a lot of fun and sometimes the dresses turn out really cool! The article also advise taking pictures of all the “brides” in their fancy dresses so you can create a fun album for the real bride to preserve her memories of this fun event.  Read the full article here for all the details.

#4: Scavenger Hunt

When you hear scavenger hunt, one tends to think of a game that takes us all over the place finding various items on the list, but in this version given to us by Donna Pilato for, it’s the perfect game for a bridal shower. By using items we gals typically keep in our purse, your guests can have fun participating and they don’t even have to leave their seats, much less the room. There’s a full description of how to play the game as well as the best items to put on your search list.  Read the full article here.

#5: Wordless Wedding

A fun game that will last throughout the entire wedding shower and be fun for everyone is the wordless wedding game. In this article by Alisha Vidal for, she gives you all the details on just how to play this game using fun cheap rings that you can get from any party store. You make a word or a few words banned. It can be any word you choose, but it’s best to pick one that everyone will want to be saying on this day, such as “wedding”. If you are caught saying that word, the one who catches you can take your ring. The winner is the person with the most rings at the end of the event. You can get all the details on this game and more by  reading the full article here.