​Vendor of the Month: Green Light Booking

23rd Sep 2015

Whether you are booking for a wedding, corporate event, or community block party, having quality live entertainment on hand is one of the best ways to take your event to the next level. Unless you want to spend hours on end screening live entertainment yourself, hiring from a talent agency is you best route for finding quality talent.

With agencies like Green Light Booking, you can book top of the line entertainment anywhere in the country for your wedding, corporate outing, and any other event.

Live Wedding Dance Bands

Putting together the perfect reception for your wedding day is one of the biggest details to pay attention to. If you want to put on the perfect reception, having great entertainment is key to a successful night, and there simply is no comparison between a live band and a traditional DJ.

At Green Light Booking, they offer a wide range of outstanding bands to choose from when booking your wedding reception entertainment, and each one can bring a different vibe and energy to your reception so you can create the exact mood and feel you want on your big day.

Do you want to dance all night long to some of the most popular hits around? You can't go wrong with fantastic options like  Party Crashers, providing some of the greatest dance hits that Top 40 has to offer. With the ability to branch out to a wide variety of musical genres, it's no wonder this is one of their most popular wedding bookings.

Live Wedding Music

If you are after a more laid back, traditional feel to your wedding ceremony and reception, Green Light booking can also get you fantastic groups such as the TuscanWedding String Quartet, playing some of the most beautiful and elegant classical songs, to their own take on popular songs. Being hailed as one of the best string quartets in the state of Utah, they will provide you with some of the most beautiful string music you can possibly hear.

Are you looking for a relaxing, acoustic musician to provide your wedding reception with some beautiful ambient music, while playing fantastic arrangements of some of your favorite songs, look now further than outstanding musicians such as Daryl Stevenett or Michael Lucarelli. Both of these wonderful guitarists and vocalists are sure to be a crowd favorite wherever they go.

Live Entertainment

If bringing in a band or solo artist isn't necessarily your cup of tea for your wedding entertainment, Green Light Booking also represents a wide variety of other entertaining acts which are sure to be a hit on your wedding day.

From professional dance entertaining duos to bigger groups, your dance entertainment options are endless when it comes to the amount of acts available from Green Light Booking. These world-class entertainers have been featured on every show from Dancing With the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, the American Music Awards and more.

If you are looking for the epitome of class and style, look no further than the phenomenal duo of EricLuna and Georgia Ambarian. These five-time U.S. and World champion cabaret dancers have made multiple appearances on Dancing With the Stars and are sure to wow you with their incredible blend of power, balance, and grace on the dance floor.

For a unique act which will provide an awe-inspiring wow factor, the KimDelGrosso Dancers offers one of the best acts featuring some of the most talented all around actors in the world today. Making appearances on top TV shows as well as spending some time on Cirque do Soleil, the Kim DelGrosso dancers are guaranteed to provide a show stopping performance.

If music and dancing isn't what you are after, Green Light Booking also provides a range of variety entertainment acts including magicians, comedians, aerial acts, and plenty of fantastic interactive acts as well.

When you are looking for top of the line entertainment no matter where you reside in the country, the only agency to go through is Green Light Booking.