Carbon Fiber Inlay

You’re probably wondering why we use carbon fiber to create the beautiful inlay details in many of our rings. There’s a really good reason for that actually and it’s because, carbon fiber has a high tensile strength to low weight ratio. This means that we can produce a gorgeous carbon fiber design and make it incredibly detailed without adding much weight to your ring. In addition, by using carbon fiber instead of some other material, we are adding to the strength of your ring instead of creating a section that will be weaker than the rest of it. When adding a design element to a super strong material like tungsten carbide, black ceramic or cobalt chrome, it would be detrimental to use something that would weaken such a durable ring or something that would make it too uncomfortably heavy to wear every day. As most of our rings end up being wedding bands, which are intended to be worn every day for a lifetime, keeping the weight low and the tensile strength high are very important factors.